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bsolid.com is an Online Development Firm Specializing in Internet-based marketing and commercial online development. We strive to provide our clients a personalized experience and present online opportunities for growth. Our distincitive processes have created a proven model fo success and ensuing business relationships

bsolid.com offers a wide range of services. All of our services are centered on the idea that the World Wide Web is a dynamic environment and in order to achieve online success we continue to be industry leaders and remain on the cutting edge. We have designed over 400 sites across a wide range of industries, identifying innovative solutions we have created opportunites for rental agencies, real estate agencies, startups, small businesses, corporation, and not-for-profit organizations.

One service that bsolid provides for every client is a FREE consultation. The consultation process is the spring board from which bsolid.com identifies opportunities and solutions intrinsic to individual industries and clients. During this process we begin to understand your business, identify its goals and develop a strategy.